Resource Item Submission Help

Using the Resource list

How can you add items?

First, you have to log into ESA site. Then, there appears a menu item "Submit a new Item" under "Resources". Choose it. On the form, you can enter your item. Do not forget to set the type of the item. Confirm your entry with submit. These resource lists are moderated. This means that the entry has to be accepted, which can take some time.

What kind of content should be on the list?

  • Master/PhD programs: Master or PhD programs with an experimental focus or at institutions with an experimental focus.
  • Conferences/Workshops: Conferences and workshops on experimental economics.
  • Editor's award: List of editor's award of Experimental Economics.
  • Publications: Books or journals related to experimental economics. It cannot be used for individual articles, but special issues of journals are welcome.
  • Experimental software: Software and utilities that make experimenter's life easier. Provide a link to your web site.
  • Laboratories: Experimental economics labs.

Questions? Ideas?

Please send along problems or suggestions to the ESA Vice-President for Information, Theodore Turocy.