Membership Information & Benefits

Joining ESA and Subscribing to its Journals (Experimental Economics and Journal of the Economic Science Association)

ESA membership provides access to the ESA's journals, the opportunity to register for ESA conferences, and the ability to vote in ESA elections. 

To join the ESA, you must sign up for an account on the ESA website. Anyone may sign up for an account on the ESA website free of charge, in order to gain full access to the payment features of the site. Doing so also allows you to edit your User Profile to change the contact information that appears in the User Directory.

We also maintain two free email groups that we encourage you to join. To join the groups, you may want to first create a Google email account as that would allow you to view the group page conveniently. The ESA Announcements group is for announcements of general interest to those in experimental economics. The ESA Experimental Methods Discussion group is for discussions, questions, and answers. Both groups are moderated to prevent spam or extraneous traffic. You may sign up to receive emails from each group. Or you may choose to participate in each group through its web interface, if you prefer not to receive messages on your email account. Note that complete archives of each group's messages are preserved for reference, so you may search them at any time for answers before posting your own questions.

An ESA Membership is tied to a specific calendar year. Memberships for a given year can be purchased before that year begins or during that year. Memberships for different years are available at any point in time so it is important that you select the correct membership year for your needs. The ESA does not provide refunds for memberships.

Journal Access

Paid membership in the Economic Science Association for a given calendar year includes electronic subscriptions to Experimental Economics and the Journal of the Economic Science Association. Those members purchasing their membership for a given year before the start of that year will also receive physical copies of the Journal of the Economic Science Association and for an additional fee can receive physical copies of Experimental Economics. To receive a print subscription to any journal, the membership must be purchased prior to the start of that calendar year. The ESA updates print subscription status only once per year, at the beginning of January. Memberships purchased for the current year will only provide electronic access for the remainder of the year. Subscriptions for electronic access are updated quarterly.

Conference Registration

For ESA conferences that require registration through the ESA site, conference registration is limited to only those individuals with paid memberships for the calendar year in which the meeting is being held. Having a membership for a future year or a previous year does not entitle you to register for a conference in the current year.


The ESA holds open elections for its executive board and officers. Individuals with a paid membership for a given calendar year are entitled to vote in elections held during that calendar year.


Membership dues are $50. This is the rate for faculty who only want electronic access to Experimental Economics.

The additional cost for a print subscription to Experimental Economics is $30.

Students receive a $30 discount (student cost is $20 for membership with electronic access to Experimental Economics and $50 for membership with electronic access and a physical subscription to Experimental Economics).

Non-students from countries not classified as high-income by the World Bank are eligible for a concessionary rate of $20 for membership with electronic access to Experimental Economics and $50 for membership with electronic access and a physical subscription to Experimental Economics.

All memberships include electronic access to the Journal of the Economic Science Association. All memberships purchased before the start of the year in which the membership is valid to include a physical subscription to the Journal of the Economic Science Association.

How to Join

To become a paid member click on the Sign Up link, select the appropriate checkbox for membership, and provide your billing information.

  • Can't remember whether you've paid your dues this year? View your Payment History for information and printable receipts.
  • Need to update your contact information? Please click Edit Profile once you log in.